We are out west in California taking a mini vaca with kids (is that a thing? a relaxing vacation with 2 kids 2 and newborn?) Regardless, we are warm and I hear rumor that it’s snowing back home (again). And snow always makes me think of this engagement, which makes me remember that I need […]

I absolutely loved our wedding, it was way more than I could have ever dreamed of. However, if I were to do it again (I’d keep the groom) but  I would do it exactly like Julia and Albert did. They decided to elope. No one knew when it was happening except our team of vendors […]

Our lives have changed drastically since beautiful Colette Josephine (C0co) joined this crazy show in January. We are over the top in love with her (it may or may not be because she sleeps). She has a sweet and calm countenance that has been a perfect ying to Rowan’s dramatic and curious toddler-y yang. I’m […]

It’s Valentines Day! Happy day Lovers! What better way to celebrate than to share this amazing engagement that I’ve been sitting on. Could these two be more fabulous? The answer is a resounding no. Here is some advice for life. Find someone who looks at Jena the way GJ does. Also true, find someone who […]

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