I get asked a lot if I shoot portraits. It’s a fair question really, since I don’t post as much portrait work as weddings and engagements. That is mostly because every photographer defines “portraits” a little differently. I’m not a *studio- with- a- painted- background, -everyone- in -matching- sweaters- looking- into -the -camera -painfully- smiling* kinda photographer. […]

These two love birds are tying the knot in March so I figured it was beyond time to blog their fabulous engagement. Sunrise is my favorite and it takes a special kind of client to be up for it, but the light never disappoints. I may be one of the few photographers out there that […]

I’ve been staring at this post for days. As an artist it feels daunting to try and narrow down your “best” of a year of work, the word “best” is so relative. The word has changed quite a bit for me in the last year. There are things that used to have weight that no longer do. […]

This wedding has been hard to find the words for. Truth is, we’ve had a year of incredibly moving and emotional weddings. My hope is that I feel this way because our couples have felt comfortable enough with us to show that side, to let us in close. But there is another truth. I’m different now […]

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