I have been trying to push myself a bit this year. Shoot more of what I love and what inspires me. Let’s be honest, I’m not the first girl in the world to be in awe of ballerinas. The strength and grace and sheer presence of them is something to revel at. I’ve had the […]

I’ve been staring at this post for days. As an artist it feels daunting to try and narrow down your “best” of a year of work, the word “best” is so relative. The word has changed quite a bit for me in the last year. There are things that used to have weight that no longer do. […]

This wedding has been hard to find the words for. Truth is, we’ve had a year of incredibly moving and emotional weddings. My hope is that I feel this way because our couples have felt comfortable enough with us to show that side, to let us in close. But there is another truth. I’m different now […]

Kate and Phillip

Oct 21, 2016

Oh this wedding. Goodness this has been a hard one to sit on, I’ve been so eager to share. This was the last wedding we shot before I gave birth and I was 8 1/2 months pregnant.(Big thanks to Cassandra for 3rd shooting with us and making sure I didn’t go into labor. :*) I’m not sure […]

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