Sierra and Graham

Nov 2, 2016

This wedding has been hard to find the words for. Truth is, we’ve had a year of incredibly moving and emotional weddings. My hope is that I feel this way because our couples have felt comfortable enough with us to show that side, to let us in close. But there is another truth. I’m different now that I’m a mother. Not in any marked way. I still have the same ambitions and drive. The same things drive me nuts or make me laugh. But I feel more. I notice the small things, I feel the small things. I think it’s made me a better photographer. Things seem to move just a little more slowly in front of my camera. The in-betweens catch my eye more clearly. I hope this makes me a better rock , friend and support for our couples on wedding day. Life is hard and tough and beautiful and messy. Wedding days are one moment in the chaos. Our job isn’t just to show what’s right in front of us, the planning, the work, the beauty. Our job is also to capture what’s behind the couples journey, their family and friends, what’s kept them clinging to each other. XO2016-09-14_00632016-09-14_00612016-09-14_00622016-09-14_00652016-09-14_00662016-09-14_00672016-09-14_00692016-09-14_00572016-09-14_00602016-09-14_00592016-09-14_00582016-09-14_00702016-09-14_00682016-09-14_00642016-11-02_00012016-09-14_00542016-09-14_00432016-09-14_00522016-09-14_00532016-09-14_00502016-09-14_00492016-09-14_00392016-09-14_00352016-09-14_00372016-09-14_00342016-09-14_00362016-09-14_00382016-09-14_00402016-11-02_00022016-09-14_00452016-09-14_00422016-09-14_00442016-09-14_00482016-11-02_00072016-09-14_00462016-09-14_00472016-09-14_00792016-09-14_00852016-09-14_00862016-09-14_00822016-09-14_00802016-09-14_00812016-09-14_00932016-09-14_01022016-09-14_01012016-09-14_00902016-09-14_00882016-09-14_00912016-11-02_00032016-09-14_00892016-09-14_01002016-09-14_01022016-09-14_00922016-09-14_00942016-09-14_00962016-09-14_00952016-09-14_00972016-09-14_00982016-09-14_00992016-09-14_00562016-09-14_0055


Coordination: Doug Smith Design and Events

Flowers: Doug Smith Design and Events

Getting Ready: 21C Lexington

Venue: The Apiary 

Catering: The Apiary

Hair Stephanie and Morgan 

Special thanks to Cassandra for 3rd shooting with Barrett and me

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  1. Anna

    November 2nd, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    The locations for each and every shot is impeccable!!

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