we travel

We absolutely love to travel.

More than that, we love who we are when we travel. We're the best versions of ourselves in a new place. So, we make a conscious effort to fuse our passion for travel with our passion for photographing weddings. 

We want to climb mountains and explore alleyways. Teach us about your culture, your family, and what makes you you.

You have our attention, and we are fascinated. (And our bags can be packed in 5 minutes.) 

oh, heck yes

bucket list

Santorini, Greece
Tuscany, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Lake Tahoe (North or South)
Cannes, France
County Clare, Ireland
Queenstown, New Zealand

If you are planning a fabulous celebration in or around any of these places, contact us for a discounted travel rate!


There is something so romantic about escaping the hustle and bustle to focus on just you two, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have epic pictures while you are there! We have special elopement packages that are a perfect fit for the adventuring couple. Shoot us a message and let's talk details! 

planning to

let's go